Hire an Excavator with Minimum Fuss.

When there is a need to hire specialized equipment, for example in construction or working on a landfill site, it is important that the equipment to be used is efficient. And that it has been properly maintained and it is reliable. The right machines need to be used. These are available. Excavator Hire Warwick has today offers a range of machinery that can be hired.

Excavator Hire Warwick

When hiring equipment, there are two ways of going about it. There is “dry” hire and “wet” hire. This has nothing to do with hiring submersible vehicles. “Dry” hire means that only the machinery is hired. With “wet” hire, there is an operator plus the machinery that can be hired. The “wet” model might be a possibility if a company was nervous about letting its staff use a machine. Maybe because the staff are not familiar with the equipment’s operations, or simply they just do not have the staff available. Then hire the equipment and the operator. However, that would mean adding the additional cost of an operator on top of the cost of hiring the equipment.

In the case of hiring an excavator or any other equipment, then excavator hire Warwick has today can instruct anyone on how to properly operate any machinery prior to use. Once the equipment is in use, then technical support can be given via the phone if problems are encountered.

The excavator equipment and other related machinery are put under a lot of pressure. It has to be properly maintained and the safety of any potential operator is also paramount. Any breakdowns, which might occur during the period the equipment is hired will be quickly dealt with. There should not be a delay in any work that may be undertaken.

Equipment available for hire: Yamaha Excavators

This is a sample of the equipment used in excavator hire Warwick has today. This ranges from a 1.7-tonne mini excavator that is trailer mounted through to a mid-range 13-tonne excavator. All these models are made by Yamaha.

Most of these models have “zero swing”. This means they can be used for example in restricted urban areas. The reason for this is there is no additional counterweight on the excavator. Also, Excavator Hire in Warwick can provide the following accessories when these Yamaha excavators are hired:

These include digging, mud and tilt buckets. Rock breaking attachments and rock grabs can also be added. There are also auger attachments for enlarging holes. Further attachments include compaction wheels and plate compaction devices.

The 1.7-tonne model is small enough for domestic use and can be towed around by an aluminum trailer using a medium to a large sized vehicle.

Compact RC 30 Positrac

The Compact RC 30 Positrac is also available for hire from a Warwick excavator hire. This is a compact excavator. The operator sits at the front of the vehicle. Again this is a good machine for operating in confined spaces.

To Conclude

There are a number of other equipment pieces available for hire. These include all terrain forklifts, tractor slashers, telehandler (heavy lifting), site dumpers, and wheel loaders. There are also Kubota RTV buggies. These are four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles used for moving people and small loads across large sites.

For anyone interested in contacting the best excavator hire Warwick has to offer, please go to Frontline Rentals