Why you should buy a Kia Carnival

The best thing about the car maker Kia is that they know how important it is to make a big car for the big family, and they have always put it that way. That is why you can rely on the brand for accommodating your big family into the Carnival Kia. The car maker has empowered the 11-seater car with the best features such as the rear-view colour camera, the rear cross traffic alert system and ultrasonic parking sensors, etc. Naturally with so many features, one would like to buy Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell for not just being the ultimate family car within budget but also for offering the safest ride.

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The special features of the Kia Carnival

Kia as a brand is famous all over Australia. Ever since it was launched there was no looking back as the highly sturdy and reasonably priced family car kept on adding fans as it ran on the roads. The car has a great design, both inside and outside. Let’s look at the features which make the Kia Carnival the hot choice among Brisbane’s car lovers, making families buy Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell:

·        The car has space for 11 people, with 4 rows of seats

·        The 2nd and 3rd row seats can be rearranged

·        The last row can be totally made flat on ground to make more room for boot space

·        The steering can be tilted in two special angles

·        The seat covers are made with stainless steel technology, thus making them friendly to liquid spills. Spilt liquid appears as pearl beads on the fabric, which can be wiped away immediately or may later be washed with a soap solution if it gets absorbed.

·        The car has parking sensors and traffic alert system as well.

·        The rear view camera is a great addition.

·        The HAC and ESC features make driving both smooth and blissful

How safe the car is

To get an in-depth view of why families are more inclined to buy Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell, let’s see the safety controls in the car. There are impressive ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear end of the car, which tell if there is any obstacle while parking. Similarly, the rear-end  traffic alert system alerts the driver while it is being taken out of a garage or parking. It makes sounds if the car is being crossed by another vehicle while reversing, etc. These sensors not just add safety to the car, but for those seated inside as well; thus making it a safe family vehicle.

The hill start assist control system prevents skidding or rolling back of the wheels on an incline while starting the car. The electronic stability control is another safety measure to control car balance on sudden twists and turns, and brakes and accelerations, etc. Overall, one can say that people who are planning to buy Kia Carnival can expect full safety for the family, and lots of space and style inside. For more details please visit this site HTTP://KIACARNIVALBRISBANE.COM.AU/