Why You Should Consider Eating Pork From Wales

Wales is a nation known to produce very high quality beef and lamb meat that you can ever get in this world. There are a number of farms in the nation that specialize in rearing cattle and sheep which are then slaughtered to produce lamb meat and beef. Apart from lamb meat and beef, Wales is also known to produce high quality pork thanks to the numerous farms that are rearing pigs there. Pork is one of the best meats to eat because of its high nutritious value over other meats. In order for you to get the best out of your pork meat, you should check out only for the best pork recipes.

pork recipes
pork recipes

Free range pork from Wales comes in a variety of cuts and these cuts have different methods of preparation or pork recipes. Below are the different pork cuts that you can choose according to your preference:

The Blade – this is a kind of pork cut that comes from the shoulder of the pig which contains the blade bone. This cut is known for its awesome flavor thanks to its richness in marbling. It is also one of the most tender pork cuts and remains the best choice for those who want to cook their pork meat quickly.

The spare rib – the spare rib is usually a little larger and has more meat than other rib cuts. It should be prepared in low heat but slowly until it becomes soft. This cut of pork is usually tender and juicy. You are to choose this kind of pork cut if you are not in a hurry to eat your pork meal because it needs more time in order for it to be ready.

The loin – this is the best pork for roasting as it is usually boneless. It is usually rolled and tied up with a string to ensure it maintains its tenderness when being cooked. This cut is the most expensive due to its tenderness and the fact that it is ideal for special occasions.

The belly – the pig’s belly is the part of pork which offers some of the most popular and vital cuts of pork. It can be used to make bacon and sausages, roasted, can be diced and then fried, or may be used for steaks or simply rolled for roasting.

The leg – this cut of pork is usually taken from the hind leg of the pig and in most instances is made into hams, although its leanness also makes it ideal for roasting. It is also one of the most expensive pork cuts.

The ham – is highly delicious pork cut which in most instances is bought cured or smoked. This cut of pork should be cooked slowly and then left for some minutes after being cooked before being eaten. This particular cut of pork is known to also produce soft and flavorsome meat.

The other not so popular pork cuts that you could use the best pork recipes to prepare include: the hock, the head, and trotters. The hock is usually not expensive and the best bet for you if you are on a budget but still wish to eat pork. The head is usually hard to prepare but also offers a variety of small parts which are easy to cook such as the tongue, cheeks, and snout. Check this out: Porc.Wales